G20 Poetry Recitation 2023

G20 has been designed to convey the essence and indigenous wisdom of India. The world is one Earth, one family ,one future .It illustrates India’s message to the world, the world is one family they need to live together and living with others .this G20 theme under scores the need for peaceful coexistence and mutual care. this makes the countries and peoples of the world understand and realize the importance of making a better world for us .and a future generations to come.
It includes trade, climate change, sustainable development, health, agriculture ,energy, environment and anti corruption.
The G20 information is an interesting and helpful to the school going children to have a glimpse and understand the International scenario. its dynamics and India’s position in it. It would facilitate and enable them to think critically, innovate, communicate and be a changemaker.
so to spread the information to the students ,we Bal Seva English medium school affiliation number 1130563 organizes activities in the month of April for grade 1 to 7 on 21st April 2023 and for standard 8 to 10th organized on 25th April 2023.
In these activities we had conducted quiz competition, slogan writing competition, music performance, poet recitation ,paper presentation ,Nukkad Natak ,group dance, group song and various activities to make students aware about G20.
Bal Seva English medium school conducted the presentations on the topic d
Digital economy and Education in India and Italy., During presentation students had explained FLN specially in the context of blended learning., How to develop the skill in India LOCAL to GLOBAL, what kind of science ,environment, and sustainability. students conveyed the message Effectively and they shown the Creativity and originality in their presentations.
The ideas put by students were completely logical and sequentially. so the educators can analyse the depth of their Research as well as Interpretation.
School has conducted awareness sessions on G20., for all the higher grader students. It helps to approach ,to achieve the FLN with blended learning.

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